drummer melbourne australia bliss n eso session

Everything You Need To Know About Hip-Hop Drumming | Dan Kerby, drummer for Bliss N Eso

Dan Kerby

Theme Of This Episode

Hip hop drumming is a different beast, and Dan has great insight on what to expect, and how it differs from other gigs. Dan’s also a monster video content engine, and is constantly growing his online brand with video. He shares some his insight on how to best use video to grow your brand.

 drummer melbourne australia bliss n eso session

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • How to approach a hip hop drumming gig
  • What to expect at NAMM
  • Video content tips from an expert

 drummer melbourne australia bliss n eso session

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @dankerby
Website: www.dkdrums.com
drummer melbourne australia bliss n eso session


  • Born and raised in Ballarat Australia
  • Father was drum teacher
  • Moved to Melbourne after High School
  • Joined Nationally recognised band (Behind Crimson Eyes) 2009
  • Then joined #1 Platinum selling punk group 28 Days 2010
  • Started Bagsvdk act while bands were on a break
  • Joined Bliss N Eso as their live drummer in 2014
  • Joined Bliss N Eso on their ‘Circus Under The Stars’ tour which was the biggest Australian Hip Hop tour of all time (at that point) 2014
  • Still playing in all 4 acts
  • Owner of DK Drums Academy


28 Feb

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