elie bertrand quebecois drummer

Drumming in a Comedy Show | Elie Bertrand

Elie Bertrand

Theme Of This Episode

  • Moving between Montreal, Toronto, and Paris to pursue music hasn’t been easy for French-Canadian drummer Elie Bertrand, but it’s  given her diverse set of experiences to draw from. Aside from playing in many “normal” bands, Elie’s also spent time on the road as a drummer on a comedy tour. Ya, a comedy tour.
 elie bertrand quebecois drummer

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • What it’s like to drum for a comedy show
  • How to adapt to new cultures as a drummer
  • why not to underestimate small towns and small concerts
elie bertrand quebecois drummer

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram : @elie.bertrand
Website: www.eliebertrand.com
elie bertrand quebecois drummer

07 Nov

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