Maxwell Zemanovic Drummer Miranda Lambert

Building Your Music Career Backwards Pt. 1 | G. Maxwell Zemanovic, Drummer for Miranda Lambert

G. Maxwell Zemanovic

Theme Of This Episode

Max purposefully made sure that the first time he played Miranda Lambert’s songs were at his audition to play with her. Max intentionally steers clear from promoting many of his career highlights on the internet. At first glance, some of Max’s advice might seem to come out of left field, but trust me, he ain’t crazy.
Maxwell Zemanovic Drummer Miranda Lambert

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Why not to over prep for auditions
  • Authenticity in the age of the internet
  • Anti-branding yourself
  • Playing drums VS Making music

Maxwell Zemanovic Drummer Miranda Lambert

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: g.maxwell_

17 Oct

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