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Is Country the New Rock? | Kevin Murphy, Drummer for Tonic, Jon Pardi, Randy Houser | Pt 1

Kevin Murphy

Theme Of This Episode

Kevin’s known to have some strong, but well-warranted opinions about drumming, the state of the biz, getting paid, and how social media has affected the quality of drummers. We felt like a podcast was the best place to expand on those.
kevin murphy

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

the difference between tempo and time
Why country has grown exponentially
A really effective way to learn push and pull
kevin murphy drummer

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @bigrightfoot


28 Nov
  • drummeroyston 2 years ago

    Interesting points on names. Thought CEREUS was original in 1981 when i thought of i, but there is NOW a great UK band with that name, so i’ve moved to cereusly (.com still under construction…)

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