drummer adam marcello katy perry american idol

Comparing Touring & TV House Band | Adam Marcello, Drummer for Katy Perry, American Idol

Adam Marcello

Theme Of This Episode

  • After spending a decade on tour with Katy Perry as music director and drummer, Adam’s joined the house band for American Idol. He gives us a closer look at how these two gigs challenge in different ways as a drummer.
drummer adam marcello katy perry american idol


  • Rhode Island native Adam Marcello is well known on the Los Angeles live and recording scene most notably recognized for his work as musical director and drummer for multi-Grammy nominated artist Katy Perry. The 2012 Katy Perry Part Of Me Documentary showcases his Musical Directing as well as his playing and programming for the award-winning California Dreams Tour. He is currently the drummer in the house band for the ABC show American Idol and is available for online/studio recording, clinics, tours and lessons.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • What it’s like to perform the Super Bowl
  • How he prepared 75 songs for American Idol’s opening night
  • How the Katy Perry gig has developed over a decade

drummer adam marcello katy perry american idol

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @adam.marcello
Twitter: @darthstallion
Facebook: adam.marcello

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