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I had my first "180 moment" trying to learn a "Tower of Power" song.

I was studying with Graham Lear of Santana who turned me on to styles of music I never thought I would be capable of learning (funk, afro Cuban).

The moment I played "What is Hip" the smile never left my face. I believe drummers around the world deserve the same "180 moment".

A moment that forever changes what you believe you are capable of learning. That's the vision behind 180 Drums — bringing "180 moments" to drummers around the world who might otherwise never get the opportunity.

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Vinnie Colaiuta Inspired Sextuplet Shuffle | Jake Nicolle

Vinnie Colaiuta Inspired Sextuplet Shuffle | Jake Nicolle

In this lesson, @jakenicolle is teaching us a Vinnie Colaitua inspired shuffle that he heard...

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