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drum programming steven wolf new york session drummer

How A Multi-Platinum Drum Programmer Creates Hits | Steven Wolf

Steven Wolf Theme Of This Episode The man that’s drummed and programmed drums on countless hits deconstructs his process for programming drums. He covers exactly what programs he uses, his steps, specific techniques, how long it takes him, and when a song needs real drums or programmed drums. Bio Steven Wolf (also known simply as Wolf) is one

07 Mar
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drummer melbourne australia bliss n eso session

Everything You Need To Know About Hip-Hop Drumming | Dan Kerby, drummer for Bliss N Eso

Dan Kerby Theme Of This Episode Hip hop drumming is a different beast, and Dan has great insight on what to expect, and how it differs from other gigs. Dan’s also a monster video content engine, and is constantly growing his online brand with video. He shares some his insight on how to best use

28 Feb
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drummer keith urban little big town nashville

What It Takes To Be Keith Urban’s Drummer | Seth Rausch, Drummer for Keith Urban, Little Big Town

Seth Rausch Current drummer for Keith Urban, former drummer for Little Big Town. About Major tours Seth has performed on have included, The Brooks and Dunn “Only in America” tour, CMT Most Wanted Live Tour, the Rascal Flatts’ “Melt” tour,  The Rascal Flatts’ “Me And My Gang” tour, The Brad Paisley “Paisley Party” tour, The Sugarland

21 Feb
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Drumming For The First Performance Ever in Saudi Arabia | Adrian Passarelli, Drummer for Alessia Cara & Blue Man Group

Adrian Passarelli If touring the world as a blue-painted drummer isn’t cool enough, Adrian also spends his time on tour with Grammy Award winner Alessia Cara, performing to some of the biggest crowds in the world. If he’s not drumming, there’s a good chance he’s scuba diving. Theme Of This Episode Adrian was a part

14 Feb
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drummer 180 drums podcast thursday band

Want to be a Hired Gun or a Band Member?

Tucker Rule Tucker’s passion for drumming can be seen in bands like Thursday, The Wanted, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, Get Involved, and more. What You’ll Learn In This Episode Navigating Home Life While On Tour  Differences Between Hired Gun vs. Band Member Why it’s important to treat the whole song equally How to associate a

07 Feb
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What Does Your Dream Gig Look Like?

   Mike Sleath Mike is one of Canada’s go-to drummers, currently on tour with Shawn Mendes. Theme Of The Episode Mike gives us a look into his day to day performance and production rehearsals with Shawn Mendes, and how they make the most of their time on tour, to continuously practice for upcoming performances.

30 Jan
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ben satterlee with jake

Dealing with Anxiety on Tour

Ben Satterlee Ben is a touring/sessions drummer based in Nashville, TN. He’s often so busy that he clocks more than 300 gigs a year. Ben is currently on tour with LOCASH. Theme Of This Episode Ben opens up about how anxiety brought his touring career to a halt, how he dealt with it, and how

18 Oct
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Christian paschall 1

Being Multifaceted

Christian Paschall Previously drumming in the CCM world with Crowder has prepped Christian for his role with Maren Morris. Currently on tour supporting Sam Hunt, Christian is playing some of the biggest arenas across North America. Theme Of This Episode Christian talks about finding out what he’s really good at as a drummer, and running

04 Oct
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greg garman 3

Expert Audition Tips With Greg Garman

Greg Garman Greg has niched his way into the LA pop scene, touring with artists including: Selena Gomez, Zella Day, Kristin Maldanado, Grace Vanderwaal, Christina Grimmie, Filter, etc… Attending Musician’s Institute taught him some important lessons when it comes to auditioning, and taking risks. Theme Of This Episode Greg breaks down his extensive audition experience,

27 Sep
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marco minneman featured

Finding Musical Inspiration

Marco Minnemann Marco Minnemann! The extreme drumming legend. Author of many books and DVDs, and has played for some incredible artists including Paul Gilbert, The Aristocrats, and currently Joe Satriani. Theme Of This Episode Marco takes us on an incredible journey through his life and speaks about drawing influence from nature and his surroundings to

22 Aug
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Christian Paschall sitting down

How To Diversify: Musical Director, Tracks Operator, Drummer

Christian Paschall Previously drumming in the CCM world with Crowder has prepped Christian for his role with Maren Morris. Currently on tour supporting Sam Hunt, Christian is playing some of the biggest arenas across North America. Theme Of This Episode Christian has extensive experience in and out of the studio, which makes him the perfect

15 Aug
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Kurt Dahl

Music Industry Lessons From An Entertainment Lawyer

Kurt Dahl  Kurt Dahl has been actively involved in the Canadian music industry for the past two decades, as a touring musician, board member, speaker, and entertainment lawyer. He wrote his Master of Laws thesis in 2009 on the future of the music industry and has practiced entertainment law across Canada since 2010. His clients

08 Aug
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rhett noland with cap

Discovering Who You Are Off The Kit, So You Can Know Who You Are On The Kit | Rhett Noland

Rhett Noland  Living and breathing the drums since 4 years old, Rhett uses his drumming as a vehicle to deliver his message of hope and acceptance to anyone who listens. Theme Of This Episode You’re more than a drummer, and who you are off of the kit, has a drastic impact on who you are on

01 Aug
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steve goold featured image

Be a Positive, Influential & Authoritative Drummer | Steve Goold

Steve Goold Steve Goold has played for Owl City, Sara Bareilles, Ben Rector, Mat Kearney, Paul Baloche and many others. He emphasizes the feel of everything he plays over the specifics of what he’s playing. Having said that, Steve still approaches the drums with a scientific focus on playing parts he believes best compliments songs, having

25 Jul
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chad melchert holding drum

How Controversy And Being More Human Builds Longevity In Your Drumming Career

Chad Melchert Four times CCMA Drummer Of The Year, Drummer For Gord Bamford Theme Of This Episode Chad Melchert is one of Canada’s most respected drummers and has built his career on his strong conviction to advocate for what he believes is right. No matter whether someone agrees or disagrees with Chad, he is highly

18 Jul
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jeff friedl dark

How Your Drums Can Define How You Play

Jeff Friedl Jeff Friedl is an LA-based drummer who has shared the stage with some of the today’s top acts, including A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, ASHES dIVIDE, The Beta Machine, Filter, Eagles of Death Metal, Devo, Film/Television spots and win- ner of the 2016 Drummie Award for Best Alternative Rock Drummer. Theme Of This Episode Jeff

11 Jul
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joe crabtree playing loud

Practice Hacks with Polynome

Joe Crabtree Joe Crabtree is the founder of Polynome  Drummer of Wishbone Ash  Online Educator  Founder/Develop of Polynome, Metronome workstation   Theme Of This Episode Joe breaks down all of the functions and features of Polynome, and how it can drastically improve the quality of your practice, and your live show with Polynome. What You’ll

04 Jul
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Dave Dicenso playing drums

Where Touring Life And Real Life Intersect

Dave DiCenso With credits like Josh Groban, John Petrucci, Duran Duran, Hiromi, Head of percussion at Berklee School Of Music, published drum instructional author, Dave is an essential part of the drumming community. Theme Of This Episode As a drummer with a great sense of balance, Dave opens up and speaks honestly about the challenges

20 Jun
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Matt Greiner testing drumset

5 Best & Worst Decisions Matt Greiner Has Made

Matt Greiner Best known for being the founding member of Grammy Nominated Metal-Band August Burns Red, Matt Greiner is a highly influential drummer in the metal genre who has a passion for teaching and building drums. Theme Of The Episode Matt breaks down the 5 best decisions and 5 worst decisions he’s made for his

13 Jun
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jonathan Ulman with drumset and Zildjian cymbals

Becoming Your Cities’ Go To Drummer

Jonathan Ulman Jonathan is the go-to session drummer in Boston MA. Rhythm magazine nominated Jonathan as the Best New Drummer in 2016, Boston Music Awards named him 2016’s Session Musician Of The Year, this guy’s been touring and recording for over 18 years. Theme Of This Episode Jonathan is an expert on growing a successful

06 Jun
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