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Stanley Randolph

Guys, please welcome Stanley Randolph to the #180Family! We’re excited to now have online drum lessons with Stanley available on 180Drums.com. He’s a drummer for the stars, producing, touring and recording drums for artists like Stevie Wonder, several members of the Jackson family, TLC, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), Christina Aguilera, M-Ten, New Gensis & many more. Still

14 Sep
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How to be more Productive as a Drummer

Unmotivated to get into the practice space? Has what should be a fun and exciting time playing the drums become a burden? Well here’s the truth. If you have never felt those feelings before, you will at some point in your drumming career. I’ve certainly felt this way on a number of occasions and I

07 Sep
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How to Create a Popular Drum Cover

So you’re at the point where you want to share the skills you’ve learned on 180 Drums with the rest of the world, and what better way to do that then with a drum cover? People enjoy watching someone jam out to a great song. It’s entertaining and can serve as a great way to showcase your talents

28 Aug
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How to Learn Faster

Lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time thinking about how I can increase the amount of time I spend learning at the drums when I’m limited to playing drums to less than an hour a day. I’ve been wondering how to learn faster (without rushing). The surprising part is this. Just one simple adjustment is

14 Aug
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Aaron Gillespie Interview

The Gypsy Drummer & Underoath. An inside perspective on Aaron’s personal experience teaching at 180 Drums. Discovering an identity as a drummer and the importance of Online Drum Lessons. Aaron also talks about his upbringing in a musical (christian country music to be exact) family and how that made an impression on him at a young age. Enjoy! #180DrumsInterview   Jake: Hey

30 Jul
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Drummers, Take the Gig!

Here’s some advice that has served myself, and many of those around me, extremely well. Advice that’s been echoed by our 180 Instructors. Advice that, in order for you to participate, requires commitment, energy, time and money. If you follow through on this advice you will meet people you never imagined meeting. You will rub shoulders with legends,

28 Jul
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The Social Drummer

Today, I want to share with you a concept I’ve been learning an awful lot in the business world. Learning to Speak the Language. Before I get into what that means and how it’s going to help you, I wanted to explain why I titled this blog post, “The Social Drummer”. Here’s the deal. Being successful as

25 Jul
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3 Steps to Hack your Daily Drum Practice

As of late, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from different drummers who are struggling to find the time to practice. In my own life, I deal with the same struggle. “But you work on 180 Drums… How can that be?!” You ask, gasping, slightly out of breath. Well… A lot of the work I do

24 Jul
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Drummers, Celebrities and Relationships

by Marcus Finnie (Lessons) One off the greatest things about traveling on the road is meeting musicians and friends (drummers or not) while visiting another city. It’s even more fun when it’s people you’d probably never run into at home. It’s a great way to develop relationships or have impromptu meetings to get to know each other outside of music.

25 Jun
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The Drum Game

by Ben Satterlee (Lessons) The Struggle as a Gigging Drummer. The Drum Game. Websters defines the struggle as having to deal with a serious amount of junk. Ok, that’s not EXACTLY what it says but ya’ll get the idea. As musicians, we have to deal with the ups and downs of music and our career

05 Jun
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Online Drum Lessons

It all started with video. The first time we were able to watch our favorite drummers on old VHS tapes and DVD’s (that’s right, DVD’s are old news) we became enamored. There’s something special that happens when you are able to watch your favorite drummer explain why they played that specific groove or fill on

04 Jun
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