Comparing Touring & TV House Band | Adam Marcello, Drummer for Katy Perry, American Idol


Adam Marcello

Theme Of This Episode

After spending a decade on tour with Katy Perry as music director and drummer, Adam’s joined the house band for American Idol. He gives us a closer look at how these two gigs challenge in different ways as a drummer.

drummer adam marcello katy perry american idol


Rhode Island native Adam Marcello is well known on the Los Angeles live and recording scene most notably recognized for his work as musical director and drummer for multi-Grammy nominated artist Katy Perry.

The 2012 Katy Perry Part Of Me Documentary showcases his Musical Directing as well as his playing and programming for the award-winning California Dreams Tour.

He is currently the drummer in the house band for the ABC show American Idol and is available for online/studio recording, clinics, tours and lessons.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

What it’s like to perform the Super Bowl

How he prepared 75 songs for American Idol’s opening night

How the Katy Perry gig has developed over a decade

drummer adam marcello katy perry american idol

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @adam.marcello

Twitter: @darthstallion

Facebook: adam.marcello

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