Drake's Drummer Adrian Bent - How To Get The Gig!


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Written by Jake Nicolle

“A lot of people can fall by the wayside… and give up. But, if they just stayed the course, they would realize nothing is built overnight.” Adrian Bent

Adrian Bent is not just Drake’s drummer, but he’s even played bass on some of Drakes biggest hits.

Adrian Bent

Have you ever tried to understand how the guys touring arenas all over the world and playing on your favorite records first landed their big break? We have too and we know what that curiosity feels like. Getting a big gig is hard and there’s a lot more than just one element involved.

Hard work, network and opportunity all vary in their significance, person to person, but they matter. Adrian has all three working for him and explains how he practiced and put in the time to be prepared when the opportunity came knocking… Even though it did catch him sleeping ;)


Why listen to this episode? You will learn how to:

Play Less and get hired to play drums more

The value in a “straight groove” mentality

Get big gigs

Keep big gigs

Develop a network

Value playing less


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Adrian's #180SEAT



13″ HHX Evolution Hats

8″ AA Splash

20″ HHX Legacy Crash

6″ AA Splash

18″ HHX Evolution Crash

12″ AAX Ozone Splash

21″ HHX Brilliant Raw Bell Dry Ride

16″ HHX Evolution Ozone

10″ HHX Evolution Splash


Pearl Reference Series Drums in Purple Crazy Finish

Pearl Reference Series Drums in Piano Black (103)

22×20 bass drum

8×7 tom

10×8 tom

12×8 tom

14×14 floor tom

16×16 floor tom

14×6.5 Reference Series snare



P3000C Demon Drive Chain pedal

DR503 ICON drum rack

CH1000 cymbal holder x7

S2000/C snare stand

H2000/C hi hat stand

D2500BR throne

Evans Drumheads

EC2 clear batter heads on Rack Toms and Floor Toms

Hybrid Snare Drum Batter

G1 Clear as Resos on Toms



“People really don’t understand drums…. You’ve gotta make it more relatable.”

“Even when it comes to soloing you need to make reoccurring themes for people to understand.”

“Stay the course.”

“No one sees the groundwork.”

“No one saw the hours I practiced in church by myself, they just assume I came out of nowhere.”

“Everything will come that is supposed to come your way.”

playing “Relatable Fills.”

“We need to simplify to make it relatable.”


Connect with Adrian:

Adrianbent.com | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

People And Artists Mentioned


Larnell Lewis

John Jr Robinson

Ndugu Chancelor

Jeremy Haynes

Jay Z

Josh Tietlebaum


Dave Weckl

Vinnie Colaiuta

Steve Gadd

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