Why Drummers Need To Know The Lyrics | Brook Alexander, Drummer For Julia Michaels

August 27, 2020

Brook Alexander

Theme Of This Episode

Before touring with Julia Michaels, brooks spent time not he road with many other great artists like Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, Skyler Grey, and many more. Understanding your role on each gig, and how it can change from artist to artist is extremely important. Brook tells us how he susses out the feel of an artist, and how to approach the music.

brook alexander julia michaels drummer LA

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

Understanding your role in the big picture

Intentional musical awareness

Pop drumming, what to play, what not to play

Why drummers should learn the lyrics

brook alexander julia michaels drummer LA

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @brookalexander24

Twitter: @b_alexander89

Facebook: facebook.com/brook.alexander

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