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August 27, 2020

Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer is Meinl Cymbals’s North American Artist Relations Manager for both Canada and the United States. He is a go-getter, punching well above his weight class, handling much of the social media that you and I see from Meinl. Additionally, Chris is actively talking with artists, fulfilling orders and helping share Meinl’s voice online.

We were excited to sit down with Chris to learn how in the world he can be so dang effective, as well as how he is learning to balance multiple facets of his job. Although this podcast is a fun one, we’re also glad you’re here with us to learn from Chris and would encourage you to take notes, listen closely and look closely at how you present yourself online. Lastly, Chris is also a killer drummer in his own right… Just check out his Facebook page below!

chris brewer meinl cymbals

What You Will Learn

How to be more effective with your time

About the value of good routines

Just how important relationships are in business

What Meinl looks for before endorsing a drummer

How you can add value to your favorite company

Meinl Cymbals latest innovations and cymbal products

chris brewer meinl cymbals

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Quotes to Note

“Watch what you post online because it lives on forever.”

“95% of the calls are about life and 5% are about business. And the guys who are 95% business and 5% life, those relationships generally don’t last.”

chris brewer dealing with a meinl cymbals shipment in Nashville

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