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Drum recording legend and all around good dude – Gunnar Olsen (aka @gunbuns) is teaching us this mind blowing independence challenge that doubles as an insanely fun drum groove once you figure it all out! He's showing us how to take an ordinary Paradiddle (rlrr lrll) and move the accents from Rlrr Lrll to rLrr lRll. Once you have that figured out he makes this drum exercise even more crazy by beginning to displace the accents against a bass drum pattern (ostinato). Send links to your video by direct message to us on Instagram and we'll repost you! #playthisbeat

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Gunnar Olsen is a professional drummer and producer, born and raised in New York City. He began making a name for himself drumming with The Exit, a power trio from Brooklyn, that he co-founded.  In 2004, the band signed to Wind-up Records, and toured the world opening for bands such as Muse and 311.  He quickly became known for his hard hitting, improvisational approach to Rock / Pop drumming. In a review of the band’s album ‘Home For An Island’ Modern Drummer magazine said: “Gunnar's instinct might be toward aggression, but his patience, good ears, and ability to balance heaviness with cathartic tension and release ensure that the mix is never muddy”

Since 2014, Gunnar has been touring with electronic artist Big Data, adding dynamic live drumming to the band’s self described ‘Paranoid electronic pop music’.  Big Data collaborates with artists such as Kimbra, Jamie Lidell, and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Following the success of their song “Dangerous” - which hit number 1 on the Billboard Alternative Chart, Gunnar and the band have made several national television appearances, and toured the U.S. on their own headlining tour.  Gunnar is also a founding member of New York band MOTHER FEATHER, whose sound is a blitzkrieg of Pop, Cock Rock, and Glam. The band has been hailed locally for their live performance.

Currently Gunnar is becoming one of New York’s most in demand studio session drummers. He’s been featured in the Bruce Springsteen concert film ‘Western Stars’ and also appears on the studio album that shares the same name. Furthermore Gunnar can be heard on recordings by Miley Cyrus, Goo Goo Dolls, Puscifer, Gavin DeGraw, Phillip Phillips, Porter, A Great Big World, O.A.R., and Five For Fighting amongst others.

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