Getting A Second Shot At Drums | Hubert Payne, Drummer for Little Big Town


Hubert Payne

Theme Of This Episode

Between a knife fight and a basketball injury, Hubert’s lucky to be alive, let alone play drums. He is no stranger to adversity and talks about taking action, creating forward momentum, ensuring you’re always better than you were yesterday.

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When he is not on tour with LBT, Hubert travels all over the country in hopes that telling his story will provide the motivation and inspiration that his listeners might be needing. His motivational speeches surround his message of how to “Prepare for the Performance Moment”, which is the routine that Hubert has perfected.

Hubert has the ability to adapt his story to make them relevant and accessible on many different platforms- music, athletics, business, education- and his capability to access such a broad demographic with messages that resonate is truly a gift.

nashville drummer little big town hubert payne football

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

Preparing for your performance moment

Why to grow your song interpretation

Consistency over Knowledge

nashville drummer little big town hubert payne football

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @hubertpayne

Twitter: @thegroove34

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