How Your Drums Can Define How You Play

August 27, 2020

Jeff Friedl

Jeff Friedl is an LA-based drummer who has shared the stage with some of the today’s top acts, including A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, ASHES dIVIDE, The Beta Machine, Filter, Eagles of Death Metal, Devo, Film/Television spots and win- ner of the 2016 Drummie Award for Best Alternative Rock Drummer.

Jeff Friedl Overhead pic

Theme Of This Episode

Jeff guides us through the journey of his incredible career. From metal to salsa and eventually into some of the most prevalent rock acts on the planet.

What You’ll Learn

Discover how Jeff went from Arizona salsa drummer to LA Rockstar

Drawing influences from different styles of music

The importance of listening and being a sensitive musician

Dealing with auditions

Writing creative drum parts with “non-drummers”

jeff Friedl playing loud

Ways To Connect
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Facebook: OfficialJeffReidl | Puscifer | thebetamachine | aperfectcircle
Instagram: @jefffriedl | @puscifer | @aperfectcircle | @thebetamachine
Twitter: @JeffFreidl | @puscifer | @TheBetaMachine | @aperfectcircle

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