How To Tune Drums: Lessons From Jeremy Berman - Q Drum Co



“I tune a little bit higher than what most people are used to, and the reason why is I feel drums aren’t meant to be the ‘low end’ instrument.” – Jeremy Berman (Q Drum Co – Founder & Chief Builder)

Jeremy Berman (@jeremy_berman) is building some of the most unique full drum sets on the market.

You might know Jeremy by his handcrafted drum shells Q Drum Co, but that’s just a tiny piece of the story.


Jeremy’s career began working in a Guitar Center drum department, selling customers on every brand of drums, cymbals, sticks and products imaginable. While working as a drum tech, he felt a craving to work with drums and get away from working at a large music chain.

After rolling his car and having a near death experience, Jeremy decided it was time to reflect heavily on what he was doing with his time. Taking his hands on experience working with, and his understanding of the drums, Jeremy decided to take on little income to learn and hone his craft as a drum builder with Orange County Drums.

Fast forward more than a decade later and Jeremy has well established himself as one of the leading handcrafted drum artisans of this day and age, building drums out of shell materials few individuals have dared ventured into. Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Maple and Mahogany are only a few of the materials Jeremy is building entire drum kits out of at Q Drum Co.

That’s right, Bass drums, rack and floor toms made of all types of metals, often using wood reinforcement hoops. The sound and look is unlike any other. Pictures below!


Why listen to this episode? You will learn:

How Jeremy developed his career and reputation

How a near death experience led to his greatest leap of faith

Why to pursue a passion regardless of it’s financial reward

How to become a world class drum tech

Building a brand organically without poaching

How Jeremy partnered with Ilan Rubin to develop Q Drum Co

How Jeremy tunes drums and his perspective on shell sizes, materials, depths, design and construction

Tuning advice, tips and all around drum tuning influence

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Connect with Jeremy Berman: | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram


People, Artists and Products Mentioned

Ilan Rubin

Dominick Howard

Chris Reeve

Christopher Hornbrook

John Bonham

Pink Floyd

Anderson Paak


Kendrick Lamar


Ludwig Black Beauty

Hayden Scott

Adam Marcella

Jamie Miller


The New Regime

Jimmy Vala

Derick Taylor


Roland SPD-SX


David Sandström

Earl Hudson

Bad Brains

Aaron Spears

American Idol

Centerstaging Burbank

Thomas Pridgen

Dave Elitch

Gil Sharone

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Musicians Institute (Mi)

David Lee Roth


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