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We sat Luke Holland down for a one hour podcast that we’ve broken down into smaller, more digestible chunks. These podcasts cover:

How Luke Got started

Joining Drumline

His initial launch into YouTube stardom

His discovery of Replay Value and how that’s shaped his covers

Filling in for his childhood hero

Joining the Word Alive

Seizing opportunities

Building and developing the Dream Team

Getting mentioned by Justin Bieber

Reaching 300,000 Followers and Millions of Views

Dealing with the struggle and pressure of attention

Dealing with difficult circumstances and negative people

His attitude towards success

What we can expect next from Luke Holland

Part 1

Part 2

Latest Cover

We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look and perspective on our time spent with Luke Holland at 180 Drums.

Aside from the fact that Luke is an amazing drummer, he’s also a seriously great guy. With more than 300,000 subscribers on his Youtube Channel (below), you would think some of that would get to his head but he’s found a way to ground himself and not let go of his dream of being a killer drummer.

Luke has been making a serious statement with his drum Covers and his Original band, The Word Alive. He’s more than just an internet sensation – he’s the real deal, and you can expect to see Luke Holland take drumming to new heights in the upcoming years.


We got in touch with Luke after Aaron Gillespie (click to see lessons) visited 180 Drums. Immediately Luke connected with the team at 180 and began building some of the most insightful lessons we have on building speed and control around the drums. Luke surprised all of us with his ability to break down a pattern, note by note, at any speed we asked (like this lesson). We were also blown away by how he handled the mass amount of criticism online, by using the negativity as a positive energy he could invest in drumming.

P.s. One of our favorite stories with Luke is how he learned to use and develop speed on a Double Bass Pedal. He shares in the linked video that he would stay up late at night and practice tapping his feet on the floor. He practiced air drumming, which led to greater control on the drums. That’s crazy! Needless to say, we had a blast having Luke in and wanted to share some pics of his time with us at 180, as well as open the floor to questions about Luke’s playing.


Luke Holland’s Kit in the studio with his Meinl Cymbals and DW 9000 XF Double Pedals

Luke’s touring kit:

Dw Collectors Series Drums & Hardware

– 10×8 & 12×9 Rack Toms (usually uses 1 at a time) – 16×14 Floor Tom – 22×18 Kick Drum – 14×6.5 DW Edge Snare Drum – DW 9000 Series hardware incl. The Dw 9000 XF Double Pedal

Meinl Cymbals

– 12″ Classics Custom Trash Splash – 14″ Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat – – 16″ Byzance Vintage Trash Crash – 18″ Mb20 Rock China – 19″ Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash – 20″ Byzance Vintage Trash Crash – 21″ Byzance Transition Ride

Vater Drum Sticks

– Fatback Wood (Hickory) – 3A

Remo Drumheads

– Pinstripe or CS Dot on Kick – Batter Head – P77 on Snare Drum – Batter Head – Vintage Coated Emporers on Toms – Batter Head

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