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Mike Sleath is one of Canada’s most in-demand drummers. After getting turned down for music college three years in a row Mike shares the path he took, landing him his current gig with Shawn Mendes. We’re going to talk about the most important parts of his job on AND off the kit and some of his most important lessons he’s learned along the way.


Mike Sleath Bio

Not only is Mike Sleath the touring drummer for Shawn Mendes, he’s become one of Canada’s most in-demand drummers. After being rejected by Humber College 3 years in a row, Mike focused all his attention on becoming the go-to drummer in Toronto and now finds himself touring with several up and coming artists from the area.


Why Listen? Learn:

The importance on onomatopoeia in drumming

Why it’s extremely important to understand how to run backing tracks

One of Mike’s biggest lessons he’s learned from being on stage

What to do if music college doesn’t let you in three years in a row

How to transform your drum sounds on the fly

Working with a Musical Director on stage



“And they hold up pots and pans around his kit, and he did the craziest solo I’ve ever seen, all on these pots and pans!”

“I’ve always had this mentality that you should take every gig no matter who it was with, no matter what the pay… I couldn’t be demanding anything at that point because nobody knew me.”

If you know your singer is about to make a hand gesture, and you hit a cymbal at that moment, you’ve just made him/her look like a million bucks.”

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