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Randy Cooke | Musical Relationships & Nervousness

Theme Of This Episode In this episode, Randy Cooke is sharing on the non-monetary details he considers before taking a gig, how important it is to navigate different personalities as a session drummer and how he handles nervousness. Randy Cooke’s Bio Randy Cooke is a Canadian born-LA based session drummer who’s backed up Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart.,

07 Dec
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Mike Dawson of Modern Drummer Magazine

Mike Dawson is managing editor for Modern Drummer, the world’s most widely read magazine for drummers, and he serves as book editor for Modern Drummer Publications, with most recent releases including FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids by modern country great Rich Redmond and co-author Michael Aubrecht, Stick Technique by rudimental drumming specialist Bill Bachman, and

02 Dec
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Slow is Fast, Fast is Slow

This is one of the most valuable nuggets of wisdom I’ve ever been taught and it’s the wisdom of slow. “Slow is Fast. Fast is Slow.” A few years ago I felt inspired to study mixed martial arts and found myself taking Kung Fu classes, studying the art of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun). This ancient form

30 Nov
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Greg Clark Jr on Cultivating Your Own Sound, Dennis Chambers & Tuning

Greg Clark Jr had played with everyone from Cody Simpson to Snarky Puppy to Leann Rimes. On this episode Greg discusses the art of cultivating your own sound and wisdom for being in the music industry. He shares his experiences from playing at the white house for Obama to being asked to sit behind Dennis Chambers kit

24 Nov
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Sarah Hagan Zildijan Director of Artist Relations Worldwide

Sarah Hagan, the one managing Zildjian’s artist relations department, makes her not so easy job look like a walk in the park. With 1000’s of drummers on Zildjian’s Artist roster and a brand that is influencing the sound of drummers around the world, one could only imagine the responsibility involved with managing so many relationships. Sarah

17 Nov
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Mike Sleath Drummer for Shawn Mendes

Mike Sleath is one of Canada’s most in-demand drummers. After getting turned down for music college three years in a row Mike shares the path he took, landing him his current gig with Shawn Mendes. We’re going to talk about the most important parts of his job on AND off the kit and some of his

09 Nov
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Drum Sound – Ultimate Live Tips – Kris Mazzarisi & Trey Smith

In this episode of we have Kris Mazzarisi of @BigFatSnareDrum and Trey Smith, Front of House extraordinaire for Matt Kearney & Sara Bareilles, discussing how to create an amazing live drum sound. From tuning, mic positioning, mic selection, EQ’ing and Gate-ing, Kris and Trey cover it all. This unique and valuable insight is difficult to find anywhere else. Lastly,

07 Oct
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Auditions – Studying at Belmont – Making a Living Drumming

  Raw Notes from the Show: Tim Buell Living Nashville – grew up in virginia beach, virginia Started at 10 years old Around 5 or 6 received an electronic pad to drum on.   First drumset: CB drum kit First website he used: drummerworld.com At age 14-15 needed a teacher, Tim wanted an amazing teacher.Studied rudiments, styles

07 Oct
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Drums Mastery with 4 Secret Habits

All the time I see the same thing – Drummers learning how to play drums one lick at a time via YouTube or Instagram videos. The problem with learning drums by piecing together licks is that you end up tied down and bored with your overused ideas. Learning something without expanding on it creates a noticeable singularity in a drummers playing. This might work for

20 Sep
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Preconceptions, Egos, and Fear – How to Deal with it!

Preconceptions, ego, and fear are common hurdles that can lead us all to greater levels of self-inspection. As drummers, we must figure out how to improve while evading self-made pitfalls. Preconceptions are the perspectives that form in our mind, while ego is the response to our preconceptions; its focus is solely on me. Lastly, fear is what motivates preconceptions and ego to

01 Sep
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Value on Instagram – How to Add it w/ Tristan Kelley

Value, how do you add it? When you’re wondering how to add value amidst the massive wall of content being uploaded to Instagram every day, the last thing you need is to spend more time looking at instagram and less time drumming. If you find yourself confused about where to begin, how to make a name for yourself or whether you

24 Aug
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Nashville, why do drummers move there? With Joshua Sales of Sam Hunt

Nashville. Why do drummers move there? How about Los Angeles and New York City? Nashville is our topic today and in this podcast interview with Joshua Sales, we’re diving into a number of different subjects about how working drummers can get paid to do what they love, play the dang drums. We start off discussing Josh’s experience

18 Aug
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Creating a Versatile Career Drumming – Mark Schulman

Creating a career drumming isn’t easy. Creating a versatile drumming career is wiser, yet harder still. Creating a life that is driving with clarity, using your highest level of capability, and is executed with confidence is astronomically harder to achieve… Unless you put in the work, then something strange happens. Things begin to fall into place. Creating A

10 Aug
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Create a Career and Make Money Drumming with Chris Reeve of Filter

Ever wondered how you can create a career drumming and begin to make money with multiple streams of income? Jumping into this podcast is immediately going to reveal a number of different ways you can begin to establish a career as a drummer and earn some cash while you play… so your bank account isn’t empty

03 Aug
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Most Controversial & Expensive Snare Drum Ever? $2 Million Ringo Starr Drumhead

DISCLAIMER: Harry spoke with the Jewish Defense League before writing on, and covering, this story about a historical snare drum. This post is not in support of any racist or anti-semitic behaviour, actions or visuals. This article is written to take a further look at the early 1900’s history, prior to World War II, as well as

28 Jul
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Pocket, what does it mean?

We’ve heard about pocket so many times but what does pocket mean, and do you have it? We thought we wouldpoxk delve a little further to understand who is widely recognized as having a deep pocket to better help you create one. Subscribe to 180 Drums Podcast Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Josh Teitelbaum & Jake

14 Jul
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Craviotto Drums and the Gospel of Johnny Craviotto

Today we’re talking with Craviotto Drums to learn about how they have become one of the most well respected and sought after custom drum builders around. Subscribe to 180 Drums Podcast Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Jake Nicolle “The drums speak for themselves.” – Nathaniel Mela Nathaniel plays a major role in helping bringing Craviotto drums to the marketplace. He’s also

06 Jul
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Story of Progression & Musical Identity as Drummers w/ Nate Robinson of Lecrae

Subscribe to 180 Drums Podcast Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Jake Nicolle “It’s vital to understand that music is a business, not just art. You’re an entity inside of a larger industry. Think beyond music.” – Nate Robinson Nate Robinson is not just Lecrae‘s drummer, but he’s also an amazing teacher and entrepreneur. Nate Robinson Nate has played with

29 Jun
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Drake’s Drummer Adrian Bent – How to get the gig!

Subscribe to 180 Drums Podcast Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Jake Nicolle “A lot of people can fall by the wayside… and give up. But, if they just stayed the course, they would realize nothing is built overnight.” – Adrian Bent Adrian Bent is not just Drake’s drummer, but he’s even played bass on some of Drakes biggest hits. Adrian Bent 

22 Jun
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Zildjian Cymbals Product Manager – Tony Lapsansky

Subscribe to 180 Drums Podcast Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Jake Nicolle “Not only are you able to look at those guys videos every day but you’re able to get lessons with them.” – Tony Lapsansky Tony Lapsansky has surely created products you know and love. Have you ever wondered what goes into the process of brainstorming, designing,

08 Jun
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