Randy Cooke | Musical Relationships & Nervousness

August 27, 2020

Theme Of This Episode

In this episode, Randy Cooke is sharing on the non-monetary details he considers before taking a gig, how important it is to navigate different personalities as a session drummer and how he handles nervousness.

Randy Cooke’s Bio

Randy Cooke is a Canadian born-LA based session drummer who’s backed up Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart., Kelly Clarkson, Smashmouth, Hilary Duff, and more.

What You’ll Learn From This Podcast

How to Navigate New Musical Relationships.

All of the non-monetary motivations for taking a gig.

Even the pro’s get nervous, how to deal with it.


A Few Great Quotes

Slowing down does the opposite, it makes you learn quicker.

Some of the best gigs I’ve ever done have come from the fact that I’ve purposely ignored the budget issue, and oddly enough, gigs that have paid nothing, led to gigs that have paid amazingly.

If you’d made the decision about that gig on cash, then you’ve missed out on that opportunity to network.

Even the guys with the best chops have to agree with me that they’ve never been offered a gig for their soloing ability.

Shot for shot, as a drummer you’ll use your hands way more than your feet, never stop working on your hands.

I always want people to know that it’s not a financially motivating decision.


Ways To Connect With Randy

Instagram: @randycooke
Twitter: @randycooke


Names Mentioned

Mick Jagger

Ringo Starr


Hilary Duff

Kelly Clarkson

Chanel Kreviazuk

Dean Jarvis

Sterling Jarvis

Nelly Furtado

Abe Laboriel Jr.

Josh Freese

Kenny Aronoff

Larnell Lewis

Davide DiRenzo

Mark Kelso

Dave Stewart

Raine Maida

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