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Written by Jake Nicolle

“Out of everything I’ve done musically… such an easy idea is getting me traction.” – Tristan Kelley

Tristan Kelley (@TristanKelley) has more than 1,000 videos of original grooves. Try that one on for size.

Have you ever wondered how to grow your instagram and build a following? Struggling to have people see your videos or engage with you on instagram? Wondering if you’ll ever pass 1, 2, 5, 10 or even 20 thousand followers?

All of these problems are in the past for Tristan Kelley, but it wasn’t always that way… After years of struggling, hustling and fighting for the attention of viewers, Tristan has steadily rose to Instagram stardom, and we have a hunch he’s just getting started. His story might be more like yours than you thought.

We’re interviewing Tristan to hang out, get inside his head, and pick up a couple tricks and tips along the way so you too can grow your instagram following to a scale beyond what you imagined possible. The first thing Tristan teaches us is that you’re going to have to be prepared to receive criticism, and lots of it…

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What’s exciting about todays podcast is it’s emphasis on creating original ideas and being unafraid to share those ideas with the world. It can be intimidating creating your own videos and ideas but trial and error is your best friend.

Why listen to this episode? You will learn:

How to get over the fear of what people think

How to grow your own instagram account

How Tristan grew his instagram account

More about your own creative process

How to Re-evaluate your own playing

How Tristan picked up the drums

How to quickly create new ideas

Tristan’s drum collection

Tristan’s daily routine

Why slow is fast


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Tristan's #180SEAT

Dw Drums or Ludwig Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Evans Drumheads

Dw 9000 Hardware and 5000 Pedals


“It’s scary to be a creative person and put yourself out there.”

“Instagram is a very chill and nurturing group of people… compared to Youtube.”

“In this modern culture… everyone is scared to have an opinion. The second you release something artistic or make a statement… not everyone’s gonna dig it. That can take some work to get over.”

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Cus D’Amato

“It’s not art unless it has the potential to fail.” – Seth Godin


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Zildjian Cymbals


Dw Drums

Evans Drumheads

Vic Firth


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