Vinnie Colaiuta Inspired Sextuplet Shuffle | Jake Nicolle

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Jake Nicolle is teaching us a Vinnie Colaitua inspired shuffle that he heard Vinnie playing in a jam session with other musicians. He's breaking down this sextuplet based (16th note triplets - RlrrlK Lrlrrl) groove and explains there are several ways to develop the idea:

1 - begin by learning the pattern as demonstrated

2 - move the idea from the hi hat to the ride cymbal

3 - practice the idea on the ride cymbal, using your left foot to keep time

4 - keep the sticking the same but move around the drums

5 - play the pattern between hats and snare while improvising bass drum placements

6 - practice until sick to the stomach

Jake Nicolle is the founder of @180drums and @sundayseat. After touring and recording with artists across North America and Europe, Jake decided to pursue his passion as a music educator by building 180 Drums. He's gone on to fall in love with business and just recently bought out his partners at 180 Drums, relaunching the brand in 2020 and bringing on drummers from around the world who he thinks are remarkable drummers and educators.

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