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drum programming steven wolf new york session drummer

Podcast Mini Series with Steven Wolf – Part 4 | Ensuring Proper Album Credits

Ensuring Proper Album Credits Not receiving credit for a song/album you’ve recorded on sucks. Wolf’s been improperly credited (or not-credited) for Grammy-winning albums. He covers all of the details on how he makes sure he receives proper credit now. Steven Wolf Instagram: @wolf_drums Website: www.wolfedelic.com  

31 May
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stan bicknell kimbra coffee australia

Why it’s Okay to Opt Out of Touring | Stan Bicknell

Stan Bicknell Theme Of This Episode Stan has different goals than most drummers, he doesn’t want to tour, he doesn’t want to depend on drumming to pay his bills. He wants drumming to be his creative outlet and not a burden. He explains why he’s opted out of the touring world and uses drumming to

30 May
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drum programming steven wolf new york session drummer

Podcast Mini Series with Steven Wolf – Part 3 | When NOT To Take A Gig

When NOT To Take A Gig We always hear the advice telling us to take every gig we get offered. At some point in our career, it becomes really important to know when not to take a gig. Wolf gives us his criteria for taking or not taking gigs. Steven Wolf Instagram: @wolf_drums Website: www.wolfedelic.com

25 May
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drummer adam marcello katy perry american idol

Comparing Touring & TV House Band | Adam Marcello, Drummer for Katy Perry, American Idol

Adam Marcello Theme Of This Episode After spending a decade on tour with Katy Perry as music director and drummer, Adam’s joined the house band for American Idol. He gives us a closer look at how these two gigs challenge in different ways as a drummer. Bio Rhode Island native Adam Marcello is well known

23 May
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drum programming steven wolf new york session drummer

Podcast Mini Series with Steven Wolf – Part 2 | Reinventing Yourself In A Changing Industry

Reinventing Yourself In A Changing Industry The industry is changing faster than it ever has in the past. To thrive and succeed, it’s become imperative to adapt and reinvent how you play, how you work, and how you run your business. Wolf’s been kicking ass as a drummer, producer, and drum programmer for decades, and shares

18 May
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Developing FEEL | Stanley Randolph, Drummer for Stevie Wonder & Christina Aguilera

Stanley Randolph Theme Of This Episode Stanley’s got pocket, and he shares about how he develops it, what he listens to on stage, how he interacts with percussionists, and what records he thinks have great feel. Bio Stanley Randolph has become one of the most in-demand and highly respected drummers of tour time, gaining the

09 May
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josh sales same hunt nashville drummer country

Understanding Survivorship Bias | Joshua Sales Drummer for Sam Hunt

Joshua Sales Theme Of This Episode We all fall into a trap where we look up to our favourite drummers and make an attempt to emulate what they do because if it works for them, it must work for me… Josh shares his insights on how to discern any incoming advice. Bio Joshua Sales is a Nashville-based

02 May
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sean fuller florida georgia line nashville

Having Longevity In Your Drumming Career | Sean Fuller, Drummer for Florida Georgia Line

Sean Fuller Theme Of This Episode If Sean’s not out with FGL, he’s speaking to school students about how to achieve success in their lives, to which Sean is a perfect example who at 47, is performing at his best. Bio Sean Fuller, born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, started drumming as early as age

25 Apr
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dave elitch LA drummer Justin Timberlake miley cyrus mp3 drummer

Body Mechanics & Useless Practice | Dave Elitch

Dave Elitch Theme Of The Episode Dave Debunks rumours about the body mechanics of a drummer, and about practice. Bio Dave Elitch first garnered attention with his band Daughters of Mara’s debut album “I am Destroyer” in 2007, but his time touring with the American progressive rock band The Mars Volta in 2009-2010 is what

18 Apr
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joe clegg england uk ellie goulding drummer

Rebuilding Studio Songs For A Live Show | Joe Clegg, Drummer for Ellie Goulding

Joe Clegg Theme Of This Episode Joe was on the brink of finding a new career when he started building a career with Ellie Goulding. Assuming the role of Creative Director for earlier tours, and now working endlessly as a musical director to develop a new approach, rather than playing along to a wall of tracks

11 Apr
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ben thomas rag n bone man british drummer

Growing Your Career Along With An Artist | Ben Thomas, drummer for Rag N Bone Man

Ben Thomas Theme Of This Episode ⁃ Despite being a hired gun, Ben explains how he and the whole band act as a group who are all mutually invested in Rag N Bone Man’s success. Bio Since joining Rag ’n’ Bone Man, Ben has toured worldwide. Playing on various Headline Tours , Festivals , Stadiums,

04 Apr
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garrett goodwin drummer nashville carrie underwood

5 Lessons Learned From Stage with Garrett Goodwin, drummer for Carrie Underwood

Garrett Goodwin Garrett Goodwin began his career playing in the backdrop of worship movements across the country (Zoegirl, Jeff Deyo of Sonicflood, Lindell Cooley, two-time Dove Award winner By The Tree), he has since transitioned fluidly through the musical world. Most recently, Garrett has spent the last decade as the drummer for Carrie Underwood. Throughout

21 Mar
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What’s Your Drum Set Say About Your Personality?

Ramy Antoun Founder of A & F Drum Co Having spent time working alongside some of the worlds biggest bands, Ramy’s innate passion for sonic exploration led him to start building and curating some of the most unique drums.   This Episode Ramy walks us down the path that led to starting luxury drum company,

19 May
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10 Drum Products to Check Out

Josh Berrios Josh Berrios, from Drummers Corner Group, breaks down 10 drum products you need to check out to create new excitement on your drum kit. Bio Aside from being a seasoned drummer from the NYC area, Josh brings drummers together through his online resource Drummers Corner Group, where he provides in-depth reviews of new and exciting

12 Apr
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Eric Boudreault’s Advice for Working Drummers

Eric Boudreault Eric Boudreault is the touring drummer for Odysseo – Cavalia, where he frequently plays shows that extend beyond 2 hours in duration. While Eric has spent a great deal of time living in Montreal, he now resides in Los Angeles. Also, Eric shares advice on how he began playing drums. By diving into

10 Mar
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Be a Drummer in the Modern World | Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond is an award-winning recording and touring drummer based in Nashville and Los Angeles. As an in-demand artist, Rich has recorded/toured/performed with: Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Keith Urban, Chris Cornell, Kelsea Ballerini and many others. Because of Rich’s love for performing he also

22 Feb
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Jay Weinberg | Slipknot Drummer

Jay Weinberg, the 26-year-old phenom behind the drums for Slipknot, joins us this week on the Podcast to share about his experiences playing drums with everyone from Madball and Against Me! to Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band. That’s right folks. Springsteen to Slipknot, Jay can do it all. Now residing in Nashville, Jay shares about his recent

01 Feb
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Greg Clark Jr on Cultivating Your Own Sound, Dennis Chambers & Tuning

Greg Clark Jr had played with everyone from Cody Simpson to Snarky Puppy to Leann Rimes. On this episode Greg discusses the art of cultivating your own sound and wisdom for being in the music industry. He shares his experiences from playing at the white house for Obama to being asked to sit behind Dennis Chambers kit

24 Nov
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Drum Sound – Ultimate Live Tips – Kris Mazzarisi & Trey Smith

In this episode of we have Kris Mazzarisi of @BigFatSnareDrum and Trey Smith, Front of House extraordinaire for Matt Kearney & Sara Bareilles, discussing how to create an amazing live drum sound. From tuning, mic positioning, mic selection, EQ’ing and Gate-ing, Kris and Trey cover it all. This unique and valuable insight is difficult to find anywhere else. Lastly,

07 Oct
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Auditions – Studying at Belmont – Making a Living Drumming

  Raw Notes from the Show: Tim Buell Living Nashville – grew up in virginia beach, virginia Started at 10 years old Around 5 or 6 received an electronic pad to drum on.   First drumset: CB drum kit First website he used: drummerworld.com At age 14-15 needed a teacher, Tim wanted an amazing teacher.Studied rudiments, styles

07 Oct
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