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Drake’s Drummer Adrian Bent – How to get the gig!

Subscribe to 180 Drums Podcast Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Jake Nicolle “A lot of people can fall by the wayside… and give up. But, if they just stayed the course, they would realize nothing is built overnight.” – Adrian Bent Adrian Bent is not just Drake’s drummer, but he’s even played bass on some of Drakes biggest hits. Adrian Bent 

22 Jun
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How to Tune Drums: Lessons from Jeremy Berman – Q Drum Co

Share this: Facebook    Twitter   Email Written by Jake Nicolle   “I tune a little bit higher than what most people are used to, and the reason why is I feel drums aren’t meant to be the ‘low end’ instrument.” – Jeremy Berman (Q Drum Co – Founder & Chief Builder) Jeremy Berman (@jeremy_berman) is building some of the most

09 May
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Becoming an LA Drummer – Eman

Hey #180Family! My name is EMAN. I am a musician based in LA who makes a living playing drums and occasionally singing (more on that later). When Jake from 180 Drums first approached me about writing for 180, I wasn’t sure how to go about it – mostly because I never write. However, during a series

21 Apr
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Interesting Percussion Instruments

Adding Some Flavor to Your #180Seat We all love expanding and adding new toys to our #180seat. Let’s take a look at some interesting percussion instruments from around the world that can add some unique flavor to your playing. You can use a lot of these instruments in live situations with your kit or simply as

29 Sep
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