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Using Stickings to Create Polyrhythms

In my last article I outlined how you could use a couple of basic stickings/linear patterns to create some interesting and musical phrases. If you haven’t read that article, I suggest that you start here. In this article we are going to start debunking the daunting subject of how one can create Polyrhythms, using stickings and linear patterns.

05 May
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Expanding Your Creativity with Sticking Patterns

Expanding Your Creativity with Sticking Patterns I am a huge fan of the teachings of Gary Chaffee, for those that don’t know who Gary is, he was the head of the percussion department at Berkely School of Music back in the ‘70’s, he taught Steve Smith and Vinnie Colaiuta and those lessons developed into a

23 Apr
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Becoming an LA Drummer – Eman

Hey #180Family! My name is EMAN. I am a musician based in LA who makes a living playing drums and occasionally singing (more on that later). When Jake from 180 Drums first approached me about writing for 180, I wasn’t sure how to go about it – mostly because I never write. However, during a series

21 Apr
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Session Drummer vs Band Member

Are you a member in a band? Have you ever done session work? What happens if your band breaks up, stops touring or needing a drummer? What if the band takes an indefinite hiatus, or even a temporary once? When the cash stops coming in and the river runs dry, do you find yourself with a

14 Apr
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Learning & Teaching Drums

In this Podcast Episode with Chris Reeve, he sheds light on how he landed the gig as Filter’s Drummer. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a successful drummer, this is the podcast that’s going to take you on Chris’ journey of what was required of him to land his dream gig. It certainly hasn’t been

19 Mar
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Making it as a Punk Drummer – Misfits & Black Flag

My name is Brandon Pertzborn and I play drums for Black Flag and Doyle (from the Misfits). I’m from Dallas, TX and currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. I’m frequently asked how I joined Black Flag and Doyle at a young age and what I would recommend to someone who is ready to step out

22 Feb
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Moving to Nashville

Ben Satterlee If you’ve ever thought about moving to a major music city to pursue your dream of becoming an in-demand musician / drummer, this is your starting point. Seeking the advice and expertise of those who have gone before will save you money, time and heartbreak. There’s nothing worse in life than setting high

29 Dec
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Drummers, Take the Gig!

Here’s some advice that has served myself, and many of those around me, extremely well. Advice that’s been echoed by our 180 Instructors. Advice that, in order for you to participate, requires commitment, energy, time and money. If you follow through on this advice you will meet people you never imagined meeting. You will rub shoulders with legends,

28 Jul
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The Social Drummer

Today, I want to share with you a concept I’ve been learning an awful lot in the business world. Learning to Speak the Language. Before I get into what that means and how it’s going to help you, I wanted to explain why I titled this blog post, “The Social Drummer”. Here’s the deal. Being successful as

25 Jul
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Drummers, Celebrities and Relationships

by Marcus Finnie (Lessons) One off the greatest things about traveling on the road is meeting musicians and friends (drummers or not) while visiting another city. It’s even more fun when it’s people you’d probably never run into at home. It’s a great way to develop relationships or have impromptu meetings to get to know each other outside of music.

25 Jun
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The Drum Game

by Ben Satterlee (Lessons) The Struggle as a Gigging Drummer. The Drum Game. Websters defines the struggle as having to deal with a serious amount of junk. Ok, that’s not EXACTLY what it says but ya’ll get the idea. As musicians, we have to deal with the ups and downs of music and our career

05 Jun
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