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How Controversy And Being More Human Builds Longevity In Your Drumming Career

Chad Melchert

Four times CCMA Drummer Of The Year, Drummer For Gord Bamford

Chad Melchert with drumset

Theme Of This Episode

Chad Melchert is one of Canada’s most respected drummers and has built his career on his strong conviction to advocate for what he believes is right. No matter whether someone agrees or disagrees with Chad, he is highly respected by his peers for standing up for what he believes in. In this episode, we dive into how being more human has positively affected his drumming career.

chad Melchert

What You’ll Learn

  • Not letting outside influence affect your performance
  • How to approach online controversy with respect
  • How to not become a drumming clone
  • How to build your career on a foundation of respect


Chad Melchert fixing set

Ways To Connect

Instagram: @chadmelchert
Facebook: @chad.melchert.96

Chad Melchert standing with drums


18 Jul

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