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How To Diversify: Musical Director, Tracks Operator, Drummer

Christian Paschall

Previously drumming in the CCM world with Crowder has prepped Christian for his role with Maren Morris. Currently on tour supporting Sam Hunt, Christian is playing some of the biggest arenas across North America.

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Theme Of This Episode

Christian has extensive experience in and out of the studio, which makes him the perfect drummer, and musical director. He breaks down his role as an MD, the complexities of running backing tracks, and what type of prep work goes in for a Maren Morris tour.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Responsibilities of a Music Director
  • How to use backing tracks on songs that change night after night
  • A walkthrough of performance rehearsals and tour prep
  • What Grammy week looks like for a performing artist
  • How to turn a disadvantage into an advantage


Christian Paschall in front of set

Ways To Connect

Instagram: @christianpaschall
Facebook: @christianpaschall

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15 Aug

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