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Frequently asked questions

  • What is 180 Drums Exactly?

    We create the most to the point and information rich Drum Tutorial Videos in the world, that help drummers at any skill level. Our #180instructors are the most in-demand professional drummers on the scene. Our 180 Drums Host can break down anything the pro’s play, allowing you to simply focus on improving.

  • What do subscribers get?

    5,000+ Minutes of Drum Lessons, Practice Videos, Play through’s, Interviews, Comments and Bloopers. Personalized Profile. Video Archive. Badges, Points and Rewards. Favorite & Watch Later lists. Fresh Sticks, 180 Challenge, Master & Bonus Categories. Full Access & Bragging Rights.

  • Are there Beginner Lessons?

    Yes, and lots of them! In the “Video” section, we call the beginner lessons Fresh Sticks. We’ve made all beginner lessons Yellow so they are easy to spot. They range in length but never take more than 20 minutes to teach you everything you need to know to acquire your latest skill.

  • Need to Cancel your Subscription?

    We understand, things come up and sometimes the budget gets tight. We do our best to make 180 Drums as affordable as possible but we won’t take it personally if you need to put your membership on pause. Simply go to “My Profile” while logged in. Select “Billing” and “Cancel Your Subscription”. We hope to see you back again soon, you will be missed. :)

  • How Can I Ask Questions?

    Click on CONTACT to email us your question. If we are unable to answer your question via email, we will set up a phone call to make sure your needs are met and questions are answered. No Drummer gets left behind!

  • Cost?

    Monthly is $19.95.  Annually is $180 (That’s $60 in savings! Wow!). Prices are in USD.

  • Can I Sign Up with a Credit Card?

    Yes! Our sign up process is easy and painless. We use www.Stripe.com so you can get into your first lesson even faster than you thought possible.

  • Is 180 Drums available in my Country?

    If you’re reading this, then Yes! Anywhere you have access to the internet, you will have access to 180 Drums and all the drum videos imaginable.

  • I don’t know anything about Drums?!

    Perfect, that means we get to help you build great habits from the get-go! In our Fresh Sticks (beginner) category, we explain how to; hold the sticks, set up your drums, play your first beats and drum fills, and also how to read drum music (It’s even easier than you think!). You’ll be waking up the neighborhood in no time.