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Practice Hacks with Polynome

Joe Crabtree

Joe Crabtree is the founder of Polynome

  •  Drummer of Wishbone Ash
  •  Online Educator
  •  Founder/Develop of Polynome, Metronome workstation


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Theme Of This Episode

Joe breaks down all of the functions and features of Polynome, and how it can drastically improve the quality of your practice, and your live show with Polynome.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to stay motivated during practice sessions
  • Finding that sweet spot between straight and swung
  • A great trick to help you have a confident entry into each song


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Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @joe_crabtree_drums
Twitter: @joecrabtree
Facebook: joe.crabtree.drums

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Instagram: @polynomeapp
Twitter: @polynomeapp

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04 Jul

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