jonathan Ulman with drumset and Zildjian cymbals

Becoming Your Cities’ Go To Drummer

Jonathan Ulman

Jonathan is the go-to session drummer in Boston MA. Rhythm magazine nominated Jonathan as the Best New Drummer in 2016, Boston Music Awards named him 2016’s Session Musician Of The Year, this guy’s been touring and recording for over 18 years.

Jonathan Ulman Zildjian cymbals

Theme Of This Episode

Jonathan is an expert on growing a successful drum career through word of mouth. He shares his insights on how’s he’s been able to build a successful career as a session drummer, and candidly speaks about how his fight with cancer has made him a more optimistic person and drummer.

Jonathan Ulman Overhead Shot

What You’ll Learn 

  • Why Jonathan made the move from being in a band to being a hired gun
  • The importance of creating chemistry quickly as a hired gun
  • Developing word of mouth buzz by being human
  • Ensuring repeat business
  • Filling your life with great things so there’s no room for bad – Cancer


Jonathan Ulman sitting on floor

Ways To Connect

Instagram: @jmudrums
Twitter: @jmudrums

Jonathan Ulman with coffee

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