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5 Best & Worst Decisions Matt Greiner Has Made

Matt Greiner

Best known for being the founding member of Grammy Nominated Metal-Band August Burns Red, Matt Greiner is a highly influential drummer in the metal genre who has a passion for teaching and building drums.

Matt Greiner playing drums loud

Theme Of The Episode

Matt breaks down the 5 best decisions and 5 worst decisions he’s made for his drumming career.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to save yourself a ton of embarrassment during a live show
  • What farming will teach you about drums
  • Why not take yourself too seriously
  • Thinking outside of the box for endorsements


Matt Greiner at concert

Ways To Connect

Instagram: @matthewgreiner
Twitter: @mattgreiner

Matt Greiner serious

13 Jun
  • Bjcahill 3 years ago

    Great podcast… couple insights. Extremely distracting and a bit rude to be eating while interviewing someone. All the listeners HEAR are annoying clicks and sounds of eating.

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