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Aaron Gillespie

  • Aaron Gillespie

    Aaron Gillespie

    Paramore, Underøath, The Almost and now, his own solo album. Aaron wears more hats than we can keep track of and he wears all of them extremely well. Currently the touring drummer for Paramore, Aaron offers a unique perspective on what it means to be a working drummer and an artist at the same time. He’s all-in and his drum lessons reflect that.

    Playing solid time isn't optional. Everyone on stage needs to know you're not going to miss a single beat.

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    Aaron's #180Seat

    Drums Gretsch Brooklyn Kit
    8x13" Rack Tom
    14x16" Floor Toom 1
    16x18" Floor Tom 2
    14x22" Kick
    6.5x14" Snare 1: Gretsch New Classic
    6.5x14" Snare 2: Custom Walnut Stave Snare
    Cymbals Meinl Cymbals
    15" Hi-Hats Byzance Traditional Medium
    21" Crash Byzance Traditional Medium
    22" Crash Byzance Traditional Medium
    24" Ride: R&D (concept)

    Aaron Gillespie also uses Yamaha Groove Wedge, Various Tambourine Large & Small Woodblocks.