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Adrian Bent

  • Adrian Bent

    Adrian Bent

    Adrian has played with Grammy Award Winners Drake, Jay Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne & Nikki Minaj. He’s shared the stage with Alicia Keys, Kirk Franklin and Israel and New Breed. Adrian’s also played in the attendance of former President, Bill Clinton. He’s currently on Tour with Drake and is, needless to say, an amazing guy to study drums with.

    Stay the course and look past the cove. Opportunity will come your way when you just keep going. Playing the Drums for a living takes relentless hard work.

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    Adrian's #180Seat

    Drums Pearl Reference Drums
    7x8 Tom
    8x10 Tom
    9x12 Tom
    14x14 Floor Tom
    16x16 Floor Tom
    20x22 Bass Drum
    5x10 Aux Snare
    6.5x13 Joey Jordinson Snare
    6.5x14 Reference Series Snare
    Cymbals Sabian Cymbals
    13" 13" HHX Evolution Hats
    8" AA Splash
    20" HHX Legacy Crash
    6" AA Splash
    18" HHX Evolution Crash
    12" AAX Ozone Splash
    21" HHX Brilliant Raw Bell Dry Ride
    16" HHX Evolution Ozone
    10" HHX Evolution Splash

    Adrian Bent also uses Evans EC2 Clear Drumheads over G1 Clear resos, Promark Drumsticks, Pearl P3000C Demon Drive Chain pedal DR503 ICON drum rack CH1000 cymbal holder x7 S2000/C snare stand H2000/C hi hat stand D2500BR throne.