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Ben Satterlee

  • Ben Satterlee

    Ben Satterlee

    Ben is a touring/sessions drummer based in Nashville, TN. He’s often so busy that he clocks more than 300 gigs a year. Ben is an encyclopedia when it comes to drum history and what’s hot on the scene right now. When he’s not playing or teaching, Ben can be found hanging out, watching Sponge Bob with his wife Kayla, their new baby and their dog Max.

    You have to be known as the supportive musician so people can say, 'Yeah, Ben's there... So we're good.' That should be the ultimate legacy of any drummer.

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    Ben's #180Seat

    Drums Sonor Vintage Series
    8x13 Rack Tom
    16x16 Floor Tom
    16x24 Bass Drum
    5.5x14 Walnut Snare
    5x12 Aux Snare
    Cymbals Zildjian Cymbals
    Various Cymbals

    Ben Satterlee also uses Big Fat Snare Drum Head, Zildjian Drumsticks, Aquarian Drumheads, Cympad Washers.