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Jake Nicolle

  • Jake Nicolle

    Jake Nicolle

    Your Host at 180 Drums. Having toured and recorded with various artists, Jake constantly refining his craft spending his time working on 180 drums, inspiring and raising up other drummers at his private studio when time permits. A good book and cup of coffee is always near by.

    One of the most important things we can learn as drummers is that community matters. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to grow and take on new challenges makes the journey worth taking. Iron sharpens iron, baby!

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    Jake's #180Seat

    Drums Everyone
    9x13Rack Tom
    16x16Floor Tom
    16x18Floor Tom
    14x24Bass Drum
    6.5x14Solid Shell Snare
    Cymbals Everyone
    15Hi Hats
    20Crash Cymbal
    21Crash Cymbal
    24Ride Cymbal

    Jake Nicolle also uses Big Fat Snare Drum, Snare Weight Dampener, Drum Tacs Dampener, Drumdots Dampener, Tuner Fish Lug Locks.