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Josh Manuel

  • Josh Manuel

    Josh Manuel

    Josh Manuel is one solid, technical, drummer. Getting his start on YouTube, Josh broke onto the scene by covering his favourite songs and bands, earning him the attention of both fans and fellow musicians. This all led to his gig with Issues where he is both a songwriter and live/recording drummer.

    Most of what I'm playing on drums isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds. By using Singles and Doubles creatively you can play some pretty technical sounding stuff.

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    Josh's #180Seat

    Drums SJC Custom Drums
    14x6.5 Calvin & Hobbes Snare - Mahogany w/ Maple Re Rings
    12x9 Maple Rack Tom
    16x16 Maple Floor Tom
    22x20 Maple Bass Drum
    Cymbals Zildjian Cymbals
    15" K Light Hats
    19" Dark K Crash
    20" Dark K Crash
    21" Sweet Ride
    16" FX Hats Stack
    18" Oriental China
    14" Mini china w/ 10" FX splash

    Josh Manuel also uses Evans EC2s Clear on Toms. Genera Dry on Snare. EMAD2 on Kick., Vic Firth 5B Custom Sticks.