Luke Holland, boasting 600,000+ subscribers on Youtube, has been making a serious statement with his original compositions of drum covers in popular songs and as a previous member of the band, The Word Alive. He’s more than just an internet sensation. Luke Holland is the real deal and he’s brought a ton of what he knows to 180 Drums so you can take your linear playing, hand speed, foot speed and creativity above anything you imagined possible.
It doesn't matter how sick your cameras are, or how great your drums are. If you aren't great at playing drums, people won't stick around. You need to create 'Replay Value'.

Drum Kit Setup

Luke Holland also uses DW 9000 Series Hardware, DW 9000 XF Double Pedal, Vater Drum Sticks – Fatback Wood (Hickory) – 3A, Remo Pinstripe or CS Dot on Kick – Batter Head – P77 on Snare Drum – Batter Head – Vintage Coated Emporers on Toms – Batter Head.


DW Drums Collectors Series Maple VXT

  • 10×8 Remo Vintage Emporer OR
  • 12×9 Remo Vintage Emporer
  • 16×14 Remo Vintage Emporer
  • 22×18 Remo Pinstripe
  • 14×6.5 DW Edge Snare Drum


Meinl Cymbals

  • 5" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Hihat
  • 21" Byzance Transition Ride
  • 16" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash
  • 12" Classics Custom Trash Splash
  • 18" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash
  • 20" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash-Ride
  • 16" Byzance Traditional China


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