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Steve Augustine

  • Steve Augustine

    Steve Augustine

    Member of Thousand Foot Krutch & FM Static, Steve knows how to play drums to compliment a song. He hears and plays time with pinpoint accuracy – in his sleep. When Steve’s not on the road, he spends his time with family and friends, keeping himself inspired to bring visions like 180 drums to life.

    Playing busy isn't what makes most drum parts speak for the song. Playing as little as possible to say as much as possible should be your goal.

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    Steve's #180Seat

    Drums Yamaha Phoenix Drums
    8x10 Rack Tom
    10x13 Rack Tom
    16x16 Floor Tom
    6.5x14 Stave Shell Snare
    6.5x13 Stave Shell Side Snare
    Cymbals Zildjian Cymbals
    14" A Custom Projection Hats
    18" K Dark Medium Thin Crash
    20" A Custom Crash
    6" K Splash
    8" K Splash
    22 A Custom Projection Ride
    18" K Custom China

    Steve Augustine also uses Evans Drumheads Clear G2 on Toms, Genera Dry (w/ring removed) on Snare and Emad on Kick.