joe clegg england uk ellie goulding drummer

Rebuilding Studio Songs For A Live Show | Joe Clegg, Drummer for Ellie Goulding

Joe Clegg

Theme Of This Episode

Joe was on the brink of finding a new career when he started building a career with Ellie Goulding. Assuming the role of Creative Director for earlier tours, and now working endlessly as a musical director to develop a new approach, rather than playing along to a wall of tracks for an arena show, finding ways to create the tracks live.

joe clegg england uk ellie goulding drummer


After hearing an acoustic demo of Ellie Goulding online in 2009, Joe became her touring drummer and musical director. Joe met Ellie just as she signed her deal with Polydor in the UK, and has had the unique opportunity of playing a part in the development of her live show, from clubs all the way to worldwide arena tours. Joe works as a musical director for multiple artists with his company Artclub Live, helping to create and develop the live shows of artists at every level.

joe clegg england uk ellie goulding drummer

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Giving up, and why not to
  • Rebuilding studio tracks into live tracks
  • performing electronic drum parts in a live show

joe clegg england uk ellie goulding drummer

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @cleggdrums
Twitter: @cleggdrums
Youtube: @joeclegg

11 Apr

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