• Luke Holland

    Ghosted Groove

    Duration 10:01

    A Groove that’s got Luke’s Sound written all over it. If you’re trying to get that feel that Luke seems to Oh-so-naturally posses. Well you’re on the right track. The...

  • Jake Nicolle

    The First Groove

    Duration 09:07

    Time to learn your very first groove, understand how drums are written on a music staff and begin to feel like a boss. You’re doing it, it’s easier than you...

  • Stanley Randolph

    In the Clouds

    Duration 07:02

    The Stan Signature. This groove has feel for days and promises to take you away on a journey of groove. This lessons will also test your independence and feel. Simply playing the notes...

  • Rich Redmond

    Stick Tricks with Rich

    Duration 09:09

    Rich showed up at the 180 Studio blazing more than just amazing grooves and fills. While warming up Jake caught Rich performing several stick tricks, all of which are covered and...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Paradiddle Stop

    Duration 07:26

    If you haven’t noticed, many great licks are composed of some foundational paradiddle variation. In this one Stix is going straight to the heart with a paradiddle [or paradiddle-diddle depending on...

  • Garrett Goodwin

    Big Singles

    Duration 08:15

    The only way we like ’em. Our Single Strokes are going to get an overhaul in the authority to which we use them. This lesson is going to delve into...

  • Rich Redmond

    Quick Licks

    Duration 09:04

    If there’s anyone who has experience playing big licks to end songs or turn heads in a stadium, it’s Rich Redmond. Rich is going to teach us 17 ideas he uses regularly to get...

  • Rich Redmond

    Back Stage WarmUps

    Duration 15:43

    To simplify what it means to play drums, Rich explains in this lesson that it all comes down to Full Strokes and Taps. This lesson is going to develop your hands by...

  • Luke Holland

    Ghosted Groove

    Duration 08:46

    This Groove ain’t going to earn itself into your back pocket. You’re about to play along with Luke, and before you know it, this groove will be all yours! BAM!...

  • Adrian Bent

    Under the Island Tree

    Duration 05:04

    Produced by Adrian Bent. #180DrumSolo

  • Aaron Gillespie

    Aaron Interview 1

    Duration 06:09

    The Gypsy Drummer & Underoath. An inside perspective on the experience teaching at 180 Drums. Discovering an identity as a drummer and the importance of Online Drum Lessons. Aaron also talks about his upbringing...

  • Josh Manuel

    Right Left Dropkick

    Duration 07:01

    Ever wondered how to begin adding a little of that Josh Manuel sound to your playing? It just got a whole lot easier as Josh helps us breakdown a lick...

  • Josh Manuel

    Ghost Busters

    Duration 09:45

    Ready to take your independence and double pedal chops to the next level? Josh Manuel is in the #180Seat teaching us how to switch between our bass drum and hi hat...

  • Josh Manuel

    Double Kick for Days

    Duration 08:55

    This lesson with Josh Manuel is all about working on your double pedal technique and it’s a doozy. By letting both feet lead as well as isolating the right and left...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Latin Vibes

    Duration 13:52

    The vibe is heavy. This latin groove is not your typical go-to style latin groove, but once you get a handle on latin beats like this one, you won’t want...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Stanley Randolph Warm Up Solo

    Duration 04:03

    Stanley Randolph doing what he does best. Just playing the drums. This candid warm up / solo was taped while he was first visiting 180 and getting adjusted to the kit....

  • Stanley Randolph

    Ain’t No Other Man

    Duration 11:34

    THE GROOVE. This is Stan at his finest, showing all of us what it means to play a heavy groove without sparing the chops. Here Stanley Randolph is teaching us the...

  • Daniel De Los Reyes

    Cajon Basics

    Duration 19:55

    In this lesson, Daniel De Los Reyes is introducing the Cajon to us by demonstrating how to play basic rhythms and showing which techniques to use as we get started...

  • Daniel De Los Reyes

    Cajon Practice

    Duration 13:20

    In this lesson, Daniel De Los Reyes is taking us further into the art of playing the Cajon by demonstrating different ways we can practice basic rhythms and create the...

  • Daniel De Los Reyes

    Percussion Tools

    Duration 22:22

    All the rad percussion tools that Daniel De Los Reyes uses to help craft his unique sound. Shakers, tambourines and all kinds of goodness like you’ve never heard it. This...