• Tim Buell

    Spicy Singles

    Duration 17:23

    Independence on another level! Now we’re taking our newly developed understanding of subdivisions to another level by beginning to practice playing over an ostinato by the end of this lesson....

  • Tim Buell

    Crazy Thing

    Duration 17:54

    Tim Buell taking playing paradiddles to a whole other universe. Working on this lesson is not only going to develop your understanding of subdivisions further, but is going to improve your...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Get A Grip – Stick Technique

    Duration 25:12

    Ever wondered how to hold your sticks properly? There are many “correct” ways to hold a pair of sticks, but our goal in this lesson is to have Jake and Dave...

  • Mark Schulman

    Perfecting Your Timing

    Duration 15:03

    From the practice room to the club, and eventually the arenas and stadium’s of the world. Mark Schulman is laying down the foundation for our time-keeping abilities so we can grow to...

  • Mark Schulman

    Slow it Down Charlie Brown

    Duration 13:29

    Mark Schulman teaching us the beauty of slow, by learning to play slow and articulately, which leads to playing great, quickly. The critical thing is being able to get comfortable playing...

  • Mark Schulman

    Find Your Energy

    Duration 21:25

    Drumming involves so much more than just playing all the right notes. You have to play with sensitivity and authority. Mark Schulman teaches us how to create a presence with our drumming,...

  • Mark Schulman

    Filler Up

    Duration 21:42

    What are the money beats that we can use as drummers? Mark Schulman is breaking down how to use simple patterns, grooves, and fills, that have worked over the years...

  • Josh Manuel

    Sad Ghost

    Duration 09:23

    Issues track Sad Ghost has fans asking Josh Manuel relentlessly to explain this 3 over 4 polyrhythm with fills on both ends. Josh is breaking down how he came up...

  • Josh Manuel

    The Langdon House Groove

    Duration 13:07

    Linear groove that Josh uses as the verse in his band Issues’ song, Langdon House. This groove is can also be applied as a linear lick around the kit as Josh...

  • Marcus Finnie

    4 Crazy Fast Drum Fills

    Duration 13:12

    Two legendary drummers squeezed tightly into one lesson. Hit play and get ready for the jack-in-the-box to melt your brain! Go big! #180Master

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Super Funky

    Duration 11:42

    Being super funky isn’t about being busy or complicated with your grooves, it’s about well-placed notes used to capture a vibe. Take your time with this one and isolate each...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    All The Drums

    Duration 09:20

    This pattern can be used as a mostly linear groove, as a linear fill or as a tool for your next solo. As always, go slow and break this pattern...

  • Tim Buell

    Metric Modulation Fills

    Duration 16:12

    Tim Buell showing us how to take our newly acquired metric modulation skills to the kit again, but this time to be applied as fills instead of grooves. Counting out...

  • Tim Buell

    Foot Technique

    Duration 20:01

    Tim Buell demonstrating foot speed and control so we too can develop it using this simple groove/exercise. Taking your time on this lesson to observe your own technique on the...

  • Tim Buell

    Foot Speed Exercise

    Duration 14:33

    We’re applying foot technique to a grid exercise on our bass drum pedal in this lesson. As always, while working on our feet pay attention to your balance. Control and...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Ready Set Read

    Duration 22:13

    Wondering how to read sheet music or drum notation? Never thought reading was something you would be able to do with music? Today Jake is explaining the simplicity of learning...

  • Mark Schulman

    Boldly Going Nowhere

    Duration 04:44

    Mark Schulman playing through a song he recorded drums for titled “Boldly Going Nowhere.”

  • Mark Schulman

    5/4 Indian Clave

    Duration 09:19

    Mark Schulman playing through an original composition titled “5/4 Indian Clave”. This one will blow your mind…

  • Rich Redmond

    Slippery Mozambique

    Duration 10:26

    Rich Redmond teaching us this Mozambique groove is going to require all of our attention. Latin and world rhythms always stretch our ability to play time while creating feel and influencing meter....

  • Luke Holland

    Cinema Blast

    Duration 05:57

    Absolute Chaos… This fill is the most organized chaos and power you’ve ever heard from a drum fill. It punches you straight in the gut and doesn’t let up until...