• Nate Robinson

    Odd 5

    Duration 08:42

    Not only is 5 and Odd number… But it feels incredibly odd to play on the drums. Learning to use this fill by going over the 16th note, 4 group phrasing,...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Heavy Hands

    Duration 09:24

    This lesson takes what you thought you knew about playing drum fills and turns it upside down. There’s no PDF, no notes on the screen… None of that! Because this...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Stanley ‘Stank’

    Duration 06:29

    Get ready to place some accents around beat 1 without actually touching it! We’re calling this one ‘Stanley Stank’ because we had a stank face as soon as Stan showed up at the...

  • Luke Holland

    The Flick

    Duration 04:21

    Putting “The Flick” to work. Practice Time! #180DrumChallenge