• Ben Satterlee

    Bass Drum Speed Builder

    Duration 08:59

    Quick Foot. That’s our goal with this lesson, to make your bass drum pedal sing. We decided a long time ago that we should be able to put a kick...

  • Nate Robinson


    Duration 09:19

    Don’t just Wish – Learn with this lesson all about the Pocket & Co-ordination. We’ve got 4 limbs being used across 3 drums and 2 cymbals. That ain’t easy! Take...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Swamp Funk

    Duration 05:50

    Stix is bringing us HOME with this groove. Don’t just play it, you gotta own it! Learn this groove, understand the way it works, then try applying it over some old...

  • Sarah Thawer

    Rolling Along

    Duration 07:29

    Sarah Thawer teaching us an uptempo groove that is full of creativity and excitement behind the kit. This World style groove is something she mentions she uses in church quite frequently to...

  • Aaron Gillespie

    Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear

    Duration 04:28

    Bass Drum Burner. Get ready to put a whole in your shoe, or fatigue your shin beyond repair. This groove is an original pulled from the Underøath track, Too Bright...

  • Ben Satterlee

    Subdivision City

    Duration 10:32

    If you learn this. You can learn anything you’ve ever heard or imagined. These are the subdivisions that matter most because every other subdivision is just a variation. Keep pushing!! #180Challenge Instructor: Ben...

  • Luke Holland

    3, 6, 9, 12

    Duration 14:09

    Learn how to play dynamically with Luke Holland. It’s essentially that early (now is the perfect time wherever you’re at) in your playing you begin to understand and practice these techniques...

  • Aaron Gillespie

    Upbeat Groove Challenge

    Duration 06:57

    This “Punch-You-In-The-Gut-Groove” is worthy of adding to your groove vocabulary. This 180 Challenge Lesson has Aaron Gillespie teaching us how to take a simple Kick & Snare pattern to another level by...

  • Aaron Gillespie

    Crazy Eight’s

    Duration 06:25

    Power, Control & Speed. Re-Defined. Take your ability to play consecutive notes on both hands to another level with this 180 Challenge Lesson. It’s one thing to learn something Aaron...

  • Garrett Goodwin

    Two Black Cadillacs

    Duration 10:43

    Don’t tell me you haven’t heard this track… and completely loved every part of it! Garrett lays down the smack in this track. He teaches us how to play drums...

  • Garrett Goodwin

    Before He Cheats

    Duration 10:58

    Garrett teaching us what it means to play on the $. If you want to play with one of the biggest artists in North America, you better be ready to...

  • Luke Holland


    Duration 09:06

    “Luke Hallmark Rudiment.” Yes. Paradiddle-diddle. But not the usual way. This one’s going to bring some heat and turn some heads. It’s bordering on Master territory and we like it that way. This...

  • Marcus Finnie

    Hand Blaster – RLL

    Duration 12:14

    Small patterns making a massive sound. Marcus shows us how a simple sticking can get some serious mileage when we move it between subdivisions within a bar. Work on this one...

  • Luke Holland

    Bass Drum Speed Builder

    Duration 09:12

    Di-Ga, Di-Ga, Digada, Digada… Say It, Play It is going to serve you well on this one! Start by either counting the subdivisions as numbers or as random sounds that help...

  • Luke Holland

    Bass Drum Speed Builder

    Duration 10:10

    The ULTIMATE Bass Drum speed builder. There… We said it. If you need to lay a foundation, this 180 Challenge is going to lay the bedrock on which you’ll build the...

  • Marcus Finnie

    Paradiddle Kick

    Duration 12:16

    Independence, you say? Yeah that’s right. This lesson is about to take Linear’s lunch money. A 180 Challenge taught by Marcus Finnie that’s all about finding your center on the kit,...

  • Brian Haley

    Open Handed Chop Builder 2.0

    Duration 05:30

    Left hand madness! That’s right, all you righties. This is a left handed lesson with you in mind! Don’t shy away from the open hand, it’s going to greatly benefit...

  • Ben Satterlee

    Reggae Grooves 101

    Duration 13:49

    Get on the Reggae Train. This 180 Challenge with Ben is going to push you into the Waters of Jamaica. We’re visiting the Island and learning some of the flavors...

  • Brian Haley

    Hi-Hat Bark Masterclass

    Duration 13:39

    If you’ve seen Brian live or watched any of our videos with Mr. Haley, you’ll know why this lesson is about to step up your game. If you haven’t seen...

  • Ben Satterlee


    Duration 13:56

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any Funkier, Ben goes and pulls out a total Gadd-ism on this 180 Challenge. “Gadd-ism” is a direct reference to Steve Gadd. Stop what you’re doing and...