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Finding Musical Inspiration

Marco Minnemann

Marco Minnemann! The extreme drumming legend. Author of many books and DVDs, and has played for some incredible artists including Paul Gilbert, The Aristocrats, and currently Joe Satriani.

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Theme Of This Episode

Marco takes us on an incredible journey through his life and speaks about drawing influence from nature and his surroundings to create intricate and emotional music.

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What You’ll Learn 

  • Learn how Marco applies his roots in the Organ to drumming independence and guitar
  • Drawing inspiration from the desert and its sounds to write his new album
  • Writing in a modern digital world
  • How to empty your head and just speak on the drums
  • How to do a tim tam slam


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Ways To Connect 

Instagram: @marcominnemann
Facebook: marco.minnemann.77

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22 Aug
  • Harry Heavy Hands 3 years ago

    How enjoyable was that?
    Great to hear how a legend goes about his business. Loved how this interview brought out the humorous essence and work ethic of Marcus. But then it also helped with a good interviewer knowing their stuff too. Added some real texture to what you hear. Just wish we could share in the savoury experience of the TIM TAM….thanks for bringing this interview to the drummers ‘ community.

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