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Featured 180 Drummer - Marc F.

"I recently joined 180 Drums and fell in love with how it works right away. I can practice any time, for as long as I want - in my own room, on my own drum kit and my teachers are famous drummers! 180 Drums is a community like no other. It is interactive and I can ask questions and receive help from specialists. With the help of 180 Drums, I now play in a band which travels around South Africa playing in churches in front of crowds of up to 1000 people. All the problems I experienced previously while taking lessons are solved with online drum lessons from 180!"

Cape Town, South Africa

- Marc F.

Featured 180 Drummer - Alana P.

"I only started playing drums 8 months ago, taking weekly lessons with a private instructor. I decided to purchase a yearly subscription to 180 Drums and it immediately put me on the fast track. I'm understanding all aspects of the drums faster than I ever imagined possible. My sight reading has improved and my creativity playing on the kit is getting so much better each day. I love that I can watch 180 tutorials anywhere, on my computer, iPad or Phone. It has been a great experience and I look forward to starting Intermediate tutorials very soon. I highly recommend 180 Drums, especially from a beginners point of view it has been very educating! "

Victoria, Australia

- Alana P.

Featured 180 Drummer - Phil V.

"So thanks again for your awesome program. My daughter kiliana would never be able to have the confidence or the skills to play the way she does today!! Jillian just got a message from the music academy today saying how nice it was to have her play for them, and how impressed they were with her talent. This is why we continually tell everybody about 180 because it really is that awesome!!!!"

Ontario, Canada

- Phil V.

Featured 180 Drummer - Buck A.

"180 Drums is an amazing resource for drummers! There are lessons from beginner to advanced, taught by total pros. Each lesson has its own unique flavor and I love learning from such a wide variety of teachers. The practice lessons are especially helpful as I get to play alongside the pros and see if I’ve got it right. On top of all that, the 180 Drums family is awesome!"

California, USA

- Buck A.

Featured 180 Drummer - Jim M.

"180 Drums has re-inspired my passion for drumming after 18 years without playing. I've loved studying with Aaron Gillespie and do 1 to 2 lesson a week. Thank you again for building such an awesome platform and community!"

St. Catharines, Canada

- Jim M.

Featured 180 Drummer - Markus D.

"I didn't know how awesome the 180 Drums website was until I repeatedly sat for hours at my kit and couldn't stop practicing. Watching some of my favourite drummers explain their best licks slow and in detail really makes you wanna practice forever and the best part is, IT'S FUN! Thanks for running this for us drummers!!!"

Bad Gandersheim, Germany

- Markus D.

Featured 180 Drummer - Dana B.

"When I found 180 Drums, I had been searching for an unique approach to online drum lessons. I wanted structure, details, and sheet music to play from. The difference between 180 Drums and YouTube is what sold me. Proactive and speedy feedback made me sign up for a Whole Year and the rest is history. One of the best decisions I have ever made!"

Czech Republic, Prague

- Dana B.

Featured 180 Drummer - Kyle R.

"My 180 sub's been great. The team has done a superb job on the lessons and I can't really find a single thing I don't like. I can tell Jake, Steve and all the Pro Instructors really love what they do and it inspires me every time I get behind my drums. I've been seeing huge improvement with 180 and I can't wait to see where it takes me! Thanks guys!"

Ontario, Canada

- Kyle R.

Featured 180 Drummer - John B.

"The passion Jake has for the drums, this site, and everything else really comes through - which is cool to see. I’ve tried some other sites in the past, but the thing I enjoy about 180 Drums is seeing real players breaking down parts and showing cool stuff in just a few minutes. Whether I have 5 minutes before heading out for a gig or hours to shed, I choose 180."

California, USA

- John B.

Featured 180 Drummer - Zack G.

"It is very difficult to maintain an education and improve my playing while I'm on the road. 180 has provided a mobile resource that is creative and comprehensive; I can learn great lessons on the move and even download pdfs of each lesson so I can keep working on it later! 180 Drums is unlike any other drum lessons site out there. A thoroughly interactive resource that's perfect for a player of any level!"

Montana, USA

- Zack G.

Featured 180 Drummer - Zach S.

"Before I joined the #180Family, my practice time was unorganized. I had my own goals for where I wanted to be as a musician but was unsure of exactly how to accomplish them. Jake and the rest of the #180family has given me all the tools and endless support that I could have only gotten in my dreams before joining. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from the best in the business!"

Mississippi, USA

- Zach S.

Featured 180 Drummer - Josh S.

"Man...this website is legit!!!! And I love that it's mobile-friendly. I was really stoked to see such an awesome line up of drummers on the site, especially Brian Haley of TobyMac. Brian is a prime example of what it means to be a humble, pro musician. Thanks for all you guys do! I'm already learning a ton and I can't see myself slowing down!"

Idaho, USA

- Josh S.

Featured 180 Drummer - Eli G.

"I started seeing the value in real deliberate training on the drums instead of just the weekly passive practice that I was doing. I’ve seen a change in my confidence, dynamics, and discipline behind the drums when I play at church on Sunday's and it’s made an immense difference on the congregation’s reaction to worship and the overall experience!! Seriously, THANK YOU guys for what you do!"

Toronto, Canada

- Eli G.

Featured 180 Drummer - Josh T.

"Having taken the dive in to the 180 Drums material, I can already tell that there's so much to be gained from the unparalleled insight and experience of all the instructors and #180Family. The professionalism of the team, and the user interface of the site make this platform a great tool for any level drummer!"

Los Angeles, USA

- Josh T.

Featured 180 Drummer - Kevin S.

"My experience on 180 Drums as a Student and Member of the #180Family has been nothing but amazing! I've been learning so much new stuff from all the lessons and the 180 Instructors, who are easily some of the best drummers on the planet! Seeing myself grow as a musician because of these lessons is worth every penny!"

Pennsylvania, USA

- Kevin S.

Featured 180 Drummer - Michael L.

"I think becoming a member of 180 Drums is perfect for drummers of any age, genre, and level. You want to learn grooves? You can. Chops? You can learn those too. There is so much insight on anything you could want to learn. 180 Drums will make you a better drummer overall, especially when you are chasing big dreams like I am. What more can you ask for?"

Nashville, USA

- Michael L.

Featured 180 Drummer - Chris A.

"My Monthly Subscription with has been awesome. I thought the Beginner Lesson would be a breeze but there is so much to improve on as you go back through the basics. The biggest improvement I've noticed is the spacing between my notes, and I can thank 180 Drums' "Say It, Play It" method for that. Loving it."

Michigan, USA

- Chris A.

Featured 180 Drummer - Eric P.

"I started lessons on 180 Drums about 6 months ago after I studying with Garrett privately. After 6 years, I felt stagnant and unchallenged. Now I recommend 180 to everyone, especially self taught players. 180 has the perfect community of guys who want to see you grow and are always patting you on the back, which is the most important thing when you're trying to improve. Having positive influence from everyone around you is amazing. I was one not to believe in online lessons but 180 Drums is the best thing in the drumming community hands down. It blends the learning aspect with a strong family of drummers and you don't see that often anywhere."

Georgia, USA

- Eric P.

Featured 180 Drummer - Jim B.

"I am loving 180 Drums! I feel I am getting better with each lesson. I want you to know the difference you made in my life. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about 15 years ago. I gave up drumming years ago but I am back. I can’t imagine my life without drums. Your website helps me so much, God bless you guys."

Pennsylvania, USA

- Jim B.