What drummers say about 180 Drums

You can find "drum lessons" anywhere. What you won't find are drummers this happy about how fast they're learning.

180 Drums and The Drumming Accelerator has re-inspired my passion for drumming after 18 years without playing. I’ve loved studying with expert players, taking multiple lessons a week, and I’m especially loving the feedback and community!

- Grimsby, Ontario

Jim M.

180 Drums is an amazing resource for drummers! There are lessons from beginner to advanced, taught by total pros. Each lesson has its own unique flavor and I love learning from such a wide variety of teachers. The practice lessons are especially helpful as I get to play alongside the pros and see if I’ve got it right. On top of all that, the 180 Drums family is awesome!

- California, USA

Buck A.

Learning with 180drums.com has been awesome. I thought the Beginner Lesson would be a breeze but there is so much to improve on as you go back through the basics. The biggest improvement I've noticed is the spacing between my notes, and I can thank 180 Drums' "Say It, Play It" method for that. Loving it.

- Michigan, USA

Chris A.

"I recently joined 180 Drums and fell in love with how it works right away. I can practice any time, for as long as I want - in my own room, on my own drum kit and my teachers are famous drummers! 180 Drums is a community like no other. It is interactive and I can ask questions and receive help from specialists. With the help of 180 Drums, I now play in a band which travels around South Africa playing in front of crowds of up to 1000 people. All the problems I experienced previously while taking lessons are solved with online drum lessons from 180!"

- Cape Town, South Africa

Marc F.

I started seeing the value in real deliberate training on the drums instead of just the weekly passive practice that I was doing. I’ve seen a change in my confidence, dynamics, and discipline behind the drums when I play at church on Sunday's and it’s made an immense difference on the congregation’s reaction to worship and the overall experience!! Seriously, THANK YOU guys for what you do!

- Toronto, Canada

Eli G.

I only started playing drums 8 months ago, taking weekly lessons with a private instructor. I decided to purchase a yearly subscription to 180 Drums and it immediately put me on the fast track. I'm understanding all aspects of the drums faster than I ever imagined possible. My sight reading has improved and my creativity playing on the kit is getting so much better each day. I love that I can watch 180 tutorials anywhere, on my computer, iPad or Phone. It has been a great experience and I look forward to starting Intermediate tutorials very soon. I highly recommend 180 Drums, especially from a beginners point of view it has been very educating!

- Victoria, Australia

Alana P