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Discovering Who You Are Off The Kit, So You Can Know Who You Are On The Kit | Rhett Noland

Rhett Noland 

Living and breathing the drums since 4 years old, Rhett uses his drumming as a vehicle to deliver his message of hope and acceptance to anyone who listens.

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Theme Of This Episode

You’re more than a drummer, and who you are off of the kit, has a drastic impact on who you are on the kit. Rhett walks us through his journey of discovering the core of his motivation to play drums, and how that’s affected his entire approach to the drums.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to find your core motivation for drumming
  • Comparison Is Creative Poison
  • Why the world needs you to be you
  • Drumming as a vehicle for expression


Ways To Connect 


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01 Aug

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