sean fuller florida georgia line nashville

Having Longevity In Your Drumming Career | Sean Fuller, Drummer for Florida Georgia Line

Sean Fuller

Theme Of This Episode

If Sean’s not out with FGL, he’s speaking to school students about how to achieve success in their lives, to which Sean is a perfect example who at 47, is performing at his best.

sean fuller florida georgia line nashville


Sean Fuller, born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, started drumming as early as age 6, taking lessons from Greg Tooley, a local drum instructor. After he honed his skills, Sean eventually landed in Nashville, working on demo recordings for various hit songwriters such as Hilary Lindsey, Dallas Davidson and more.
Nashville is where Sean met Luke Bryan and played through his early careers, followed by touring with Justin Moore, eventually landing with Florida Georgia Line.
Sean has since created Faith, Goals & Life, motivational speaking events aimed at the Middle School Student, High School Student, or Young Adult. Sean’s POSITIVE message covers topics such as Bullying, Smart Social Media Habits, and of course MUSIC! You do NOT have to be a drummer or musician to take something POSITIVE out of these events.
sean fuller florida georgia line nashville

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Drumming as a path to other opportunities, rather than an end goal
  • Using drumming as an opportunity to influence others
  • His path to drumming with FGL
  • His show day routine
sean fuller florida georgia line nashville

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @sfuller1234
Twitter: @seanfullerrrocks

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