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Why it’s Okay to Opt Out of Touring | Stan Bicknell

Stan Bicknell

Theme Of This Episode

  • Stan has different goals than most drummers, he doesn’t want to tour, he doesn’t want to depend on drumming to pay his bills. He wants drumming to be his creative outlet and not a burden. He explains why he’s opted out of the touring world and uses drumming to enrich his life daily.

stan bicknell kimbra coffee australia


  • New Zealand born Stan Bicknell is a self-taught drummer now residing in Melbourne, Australia. His time here has seen him touring and recording with artists such as Kimbra, Miami Horror, Ecca Vandal and his own band The New Caledonia, to name a few. During his time with Kimbra, Stan played on her acclaimed debut album ‘Vows’. His Motown grooves can be heard on the track ‘Cameo Lover’ which won both an ARIA and APRA award in 2011 as well as playing on her now iconic ‘Sing Sing’ sessions on YouTube, clocking up millions of views. Amongst his own personal projects and commitments outside of drumming, Stan likes to teach and influence as well as filming drum videos for his online subscribers. He also set up and runs Australia’s first and largest drum shedding community ‘Drummers Summit Melbourne’, inviting in some of the country’s top players in for their now infamous ‘DSM shed sessions’.

stan bicknell kimbra coffee australia

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Why it’s okay to say no to touring
  • How to nurture and preserve your creativity
  • Balancing the time you spend on strengths and weaknesses
  • Opportunities will come and go but you’ll always be a drummer

Ways To Connect With Guest

Instagram: @stanbicknell

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