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Where Touring Life And Real Life Intersect

Dave DiCenso

With credits like Josh Groban, John Petrucci, Duran Duran, Hiromi, Head of percussion at Berklee School Of Music, published drum instructional author, Dave is an essential part of the drumming community.

dave dicenso playing drums loud

Theme Of This Episode

As a drummer with a great sense of balance, Dave opens up and speaks honestly about the challenges of trying to live a “normal” life, while being a touring musician.

 What You’ll Learn 

    • Are you cut out to be a hired gun or a band member
    • An honest evaluation of what it means to be on tour


Dave Dicenso

Ways To Connect 

Website: www.davedicenso.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/ladicenso
Facebook: www.facebook.com/davedicensodrums

20 Jun
  • Funkdrumz 3 years ago

    Thank You 180 Drums for Having Dave Decenso Man I dig the podcast Interview. My Man Dave .. Amazing Drummer Amazing educator A Great Friend .. Thanks Dave Loved The Interview ❤️ Hopefully I would love to see Dave Kicking The Tubs On 180 Drums In The Future … Thanks Mark & Dave … Joe

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